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Thoss Education Service provides the latest information on studying abroad in Germany. Be it for Highschool, Foundation course/ Studienkolleg, “Ausbildung”, Bachelor or Master degree, TES is able to provide professional advises, assistance and services to guide you through your education path.


Thoss Education Service goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of your education, we build networks of state-recognised, well-regarded and affordable German education providers. We offer you the opportunities to receive highly rated German Education at German Institutions. Our aim is to help students to select the most suitable School or University which best fit their interest and development.

Our Services

German education system and teaching methods are not similar to those from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China, USA, UK, Australia or any Chinese or English speaking countries.  Interested parents and students should spend time to understand the available paths in orders to choose the most compatible Schools, Universities and Other Education Institutes. This is especially true when information on German Education is relatively limited. In addition language barriers also prevent parents and students to obtain the latest information regarding German Education. Thoss Education Service aims to assist students and parents with our professional advises during the complicated process. Our services include:

Universities Recommendation

Suggest the best fitting University programs that matches student’s academic performance, strength,  interest, study preferences, financial condition and goals.

Powerful Education network

We have a strong network and constantly work with Education Institutes that have different strengths in different levels of education level. We work with the best of its kind.


Profile analysis, including evaluation on student educational background. Provide all possible study options based on student ability.

German language learning

German courses A1-C1 for teenagers and adults based on CEFR, available in Hong Kong, Germany, or even online.

Boarding School Advice & Application

Provide a throughout and professional consultation on Germany Highschool, including teaching vision, school facilities, subjects selection, school environment, budget and application process.

Seminars in Asia

We host Seminars in Asia countries every now and then, provide participants latest information on German Schools and Universities. 

building CV & Motivation Letter

Attractive and outstanding curriculum vitae and motivation letter work as bonus point when applying to your dream highschool or University. We assist applicants in such to increase admission chance.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp every year between June to August from various Highschools, Language Institutions and Activity groups in Germany.

Customer testimonials
"I will highly recommend TES to my friends. They help me a lot on my master programme application, including application document, interview preparation, and visa application. Most importantly, they provide instant reply on my enquiries."
S. Lau
"Highly recommend Thoss education services if you are planning to study in Germany. They provide personal education scheme that enhance your opportunity getting in Germany university."
S. Wong
"I strongly recommend Thoss Education. The advisor, Ms. Alby Wong, helped me a lot in shortlisting the Germany universities, preparing my profile and applying universities. She explained step-by-step what documents would be needed and what we should do in order to get the admission. I finally can get a place in my target university. Thank you Alby."
G. Cheung
"I highly recommend Thoss education services. This was extremely beneficial during my job search. I was linked up with a personal advisor who assisted me with resume writing, networking, and interview training. The advisor had decades worth of experience as a senior executive in a well know corporation. One of the most valuable service was the multiple one on one mock interviews, providing me with confidence and insight. The entire experience was professional yet personal - constantly going above and beyond my expectations."
J. Wu
"I highly recommended students to use THOSS service if they are considering to study in Germany as they can provide you detailed information and choices which according to the student’s academic background. Ms Alby Wong, my advisor gave us a lot of advices to my daughter before she made her final decision and my son who was already study in Germany for language course and prepare for university. Her valuable comments in preparing university interview is very much appreciated. Thanks for Alby advice and good luck to my son"
G. Do
"A highly recommended study consultant. Thank you Alby of Thoss for your help. The charge is reasonable, and the reply will be received quickly. For parents, immediate reply and careful answers are very helpful."
V. Yung
"Highly recommend to everyone. Quick response, detailed information. I will say Alby is not just a advisor, she also puts herself into your shoes and advice the best solution or recommendation for you. Thank you Alby!"
W. Li
"THOSS not only provides professional advice but also tailor-made plan to help me find the most suitable and feasible programme in Germany. Ms. Alby Wong’s quick response and constructive advice helped a lot in the whole application process. Thank you Thoss and Ms. Wong’s great endeavour!"
A. Ng
"I recommend THOSS Service to everyone who wants to study in Germany. They provide professional service and recommendation. Unlike the other traditional education agency, they can also talior made personal development plan for students toward their study and career in Germany. Thank you Alby for giving me some advice."
C. Tse
Success stories
M. C. Wong
Master in Business & Engineering at the Hochschule Hof
H. T. Sun
Master in Social Science at the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy
S. Lau
Master in Business at the Hochschule Furtwangen University
G. Lee
Master in international media cultural work at the Hochschule Darmstadt
Y. W. Luk
Master in Business & Informatics at the FAchhochschule Südwestfalen
Y. L. Chiu
Bachelor in business law at the Hochschule Mainz
S. Chu
Bachelor in musicology at the Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
G. Cheung
Bachelor in business & informatics at the TU München
D. Chiu
Bachelor in business administration at the Kühne Logistics University
C.W. Lam
Foundation Program at Technische Hochschule Wildau
H.Y. Chan
Class 9 at Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium
C.P. Cheung
Class 9 at Nordsee-Internat St. Peter-Ording
W.S. Yeung
Master in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Business Informatics) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
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