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Our headquarter situated in Stuttgart, Baden Württemberg. We go beyond the traditional role of education agency, we are personal development planner for students toward their study and career.


TES believes in quality education for future development. We are committed to assist students who desire to grow with a broad view and an international exposure. We have a systematic analysis to match student competence to suitable program and provide unbiased suggestions on school and university. We also give guidance to students during preparation, upon and after arrival to ensure students are able to settle in the new environment as easy as possible.


Thoss Education Service does not have any office in Asia, however we visit our clients and students in Asia at least twice a year, occasionally we host Seminars as well during our Visit to provide latest information on German Education for those who are interested. Know more about up coming Seminars, click here.

Why choosing Thoss Education Service?
One Stop Study Solution

From school or University search, study application, visa application to settle down in Germany, Thoss Education Service is by your side through the journey. We provide one-off study solution, assistance and advises whenever necessary.

Professional Experienced Team

We are a team of working professionals who had studied in Germany as local and international students. We are able to offer advises from an all-round perspective, because we understand your situation better than anyone.

Promote Education Right

German believes Education should not be constraint by social background and financial ability. We are updated with latest education policy in Germany and provide latest information for our students, enable them to plan ahead.

Immediate Assistance

Our headquarter locates near black forest in southern Germany with an extensive network nationally, being close to our students in Germany is what makes us outstanding. We are able to provide immediate assistance whenever student needs.

Career Advisor in Germany

Our team contains professionals with rich experiences in various industries and going through diverse career paths. We are capable to provide guidance and suggestions throughout your study and career building.

Introduce TES Team

Dietrich R. Thoss Dipl. -Ing.
Founder & Career Advisor

Graduated from Munich University of Applied Sciences with a Master in Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur). Mr. Thoss has over 20 years experiences working in the car industry for big player like Daimler AG and medium size company like FEV. Mr. Thoss´s career background makes him the ideal person for mentorship and giving advises to younger career builders. ​Worked 3 years in China, Mr. Thoss had the opportunities to work with many Chinese students and had very good impressions with the strengths and positive characteristics of the young generations. After returning to Germany, Mr. Thoss devotes part of his time to invest in helping talented Chinese students to develop further in Germany.

Alby W.S. Wong M.B.A.
Study Consultant and Market Development

Graduated with merits in MBA from well-known business school in Germany – Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. Alby is originally from Hong Kong and familiar with overseas education as she acquired her Bachelor from one of the Go8 Universities in Australia, and later her Master in Germany. Over 12 years of customer service experiences sets the foundation of excellent and throughout services  that Thoss Education Service provides. 

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