The Berlin International College
The BIC Foundation Programme is designed to provide comprehensive preparation for international students seeking a degree in technology or business, and offers two programmes: the T Course and W Course.
The T Course is suitable for students who will be majoring in engineering, natural sciences or informatics at university, e.g. mechanical engineering, energy engineering, intelligent systems design, electrical engineering, etc. The T Course includes German, mathematics, chemistry and physics.
W Course is suitable for students who will be majoring in Business or Social Sciences, such as English and American Studies, Business Informatics, Economics and Business Management, Tourism Management, etc. W Course curriculum includes German, English, Mathematics and Economics.
Admission to Guaranteed Universities

Once you have been accepted by BIC, you will also receive a conditional offer from one of our partner universities, regardless of whether you are enrolled in the Studentkolleg or language course as part of the BIC Foundation programme. Once you have graduated from BIC, you can immediately enroll in your preferred partner university.

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