Hong Kong Students

According to German Government, Hong Kong students holding Hong Kong Passport or BNO can only study in Germany after completing Form 2 or Grade 8 and enroll into Class 9 in a German secondary school. However, there is no restriction for students with EU passports.

Majority of international students choose between 2 types of schools: Traditional German School (Gymnaisum) or International Baccalaureate School.

Students who have completed F.2/G.8

Applicants may apply for Class 8 or 9 in a Traditional German School, or may choose to study in Grade 8 or 9 in an International Baccalaureate school.

Students who have completed F.3/G.9

Enrolling into Class 9 or 10 is possible. In a G8 Traditional German School, Class 10 is considered a Senior Secondary Level, if students wish to have more time to adapt, they can consider repeating Class 9.

Students who have completed F.4/G.10

The last two years of senior high school in a Traditional German School do not accept new students. Students may consider repeating Class 10 in a G8 school or enroll in Class 11 in a G9 school, or they may choose to study in International Baccalaureate Grade 10 or 11. At this stage, students can choose subjects according to their learning interests and the subject offerings of their schools.

Students who have completed F.5/G.11

Students either starts from Class 10 in a G8 school or Class 11 in a G9 school, or they may choose to study in International Baccalaureate Grade 11. 

Enrolling in a traditional German School or IB School?

Which type of secondary school is right for you? It depends on several factors:

  1. the student’s current grade level
  2. long-term goals
  3. language proficiency
  4. grades and strengths and weaknesses
  5. personality and social skills
  6. time
  7. family finances.


The following list can also be used as a reference:

Traditional Arts and Science Secondary School
International Baccalaureate School
  • International students graduating with Abitur are treated the same as local students in Germany when applying to German Universities.*
  • Abitur result is not based on a single exam, it includes the last 2 years of school performance.
  • Build a solid foundation on German skill
  • Majority of University programs are taught in German than in English.
  • Enrollment by age
  • IBDP is highly recognised in Germany
  • IBDP result is not based on a single entrance exam
  • Taught in English
  • German B2 Level required
  • Enrollment is not based on age but on previous Education Level
  • The last two years of high school are closed
  • German Universities do not consider International Students who have graduated with IBDP equivalent to those with Abitur.*
  • Depends on the German language learning arrangement of individual schools, students aim for German taught University programs might need to provide German language certificate..
  • The ratio of English taught to German taught University programs is 1:9.

*Admissions to University programs in Germany are categorized into nationally restricted, locally restricted or unrestricted. A local restricted program might only allocate  5% to 10% of total seats to international students. 

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