German Bachelor: Where theories meet practice

What is so attractive about German education? Quality is one thing, its practical approach is another compared to US, UK or Australia.


This happens often in a traditional University: A Bachelor student graduates with a mind full of theories, eager to apply them at work, only to be surprised by the reality. Unable to relate what he or she learns to what he or she sees at work, no one to turn to. Then the student starts to ask, “What is going on? Am I at the right field?”


German education strikes a balance between learning theories and applying them by giving students opportunities to work at a real company DURING their studies. A general German Bachelor (e.g. business focus) normally takes 3.5 year to finish, first 2 years are theoretical learning, follows by half a year compulsory internship where students have to work at a company to earn their credit, then the next half year is an exchange program to enhance their international exposure and finishing with a final thesis, usually using an internship approach which means students are writing their final thesis with a real company. Students can also take this opportunity to show their ability, impress the company and earn the chance of recuitment upon graduation.


Unlike many Universities around the world, presenting students merely concepts of theoretical ideas, German believe in internship that transfer concepts to knowledge and give students a glimpse of the industry that they would like to participate in.


There is another advantage of cause, to enrich students portfolio before graduating, it does add points to students Curriculum Vitae.

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