Germany is an active country

TES held a seminar on studying in Germany in Hong Kong this past Chinese New Year. Hong Kong parents are interested in their children studying in Germany, but they are also unfamiliar with the German study environment.

Parents are always worried about their children’s friends, the complexity of the study and accommodation environment, the lack of proper assistance and the discrimination of the German people.

Students’ worries are simpler: they just want to know if studying in Germany is boring or not. TES has met many Hong Kong students under the Lion Rock, I would like to share this with you next time.

Is studying in Germany boring? That depends on how active you are. There are no Chinatown in Germany, so there are very few places for Chinese to gather, but there are Asian supermarkets and Asian restaurants. Without Chinatown, there is naturally less entertainment available.

If you are looking for entertainment, you need to experience Germany and find your own activities. Students can look at the usual German entertainment – outdoor activities and trips. Germans love nature and are very active. They love trekking in spring, swimming in summer, climbing in autumn, skiing in winter, whatever they can get close to. In addition, Germany’s geographic location is the center of Europe, flying to Europe inland airfare is cheap, there is really no reason not to see everywhere, reading thousands of books is better than walking thousands of miles.

The rhythm of most German cities is really relaxing for Hong Kong born and bred students, so using your free time to cultivate a new interest and get to know new people and things will help you adapt to life in Germany.

Now is the time to plan your future!

And we assist you along the whole way

Alby W. S. Wong

Your study consultant