Our Program with Humboldt Institute

Thoss Education Service understands the complexities of the German education system. Based on many years of experience in matching students with German secondary schools, we see the concerns from parents and student about acquiring a new language and the quality of second schools. Therefore, Thoss Education Service has spent several years building a stable and reliable network of high schools in Germany and to support underage learners with professional and well organized language courses.


In 2019, we are proud to offer a one-stop service for German language learning and further education with our partner Humboldt Institut. Our young students can learn German language in a structured way and experience life in Germany under proper supervision and in a safe environment. Students who are accepted in our program will achieve B2 level German required for secondary school in Germany within 9 months AND will receive a conditional offer for a place in a German high school. We ensure parents and student a place in a high school before coming to Germany.

Program Information

A total beginner needs 6 to 7 months of intensive German lessons, 30 lessons per week (exclude Saturday and Sunday), until they reach the B2 or C1 level. Once B2 level is reached, a 10-week secondary school transition programme will be arranged before the start of the school year to facilitate students’ transition into formal senior secondary school studies.


The German course usually starts in October or November and lasts until July of the following year. Upon completion of the course, students will go directly to high school without a summer break. This arrangement eliminates the learning gap during the long summer vacation and allows students to remain focused in a German speaking environment before attending High School. Parents do not need to worry about the lack of extracurricular activities for their children, as extracurricular activities are arranged for students when they are not attending classes every afternoon and weekends.

Application Requirements

Applicants (non-EU passport holders) must have completed Form 2 or Grade 8 with above-average academic results (average of 75% or B grade). Applicants must also have an adequate knowledge of English, and in some cases French, Latin or Spanish may be required.

School Network
Schule Schloss Stein
Every human being is unique. If you encourage young people’s talents, they grow to be self-confident personalities. The feeling of security plays an essential role. True family tradition is lived. This gives the school a personal atmosphere of security and well-being. 
Schloss Neubeuern
Schloss Neubeuern prepares children for the worlds of today and tomorrow, identifying their talents and fulfilling their needs and potential as individuals, but not at the expense of the rights of others. Home and school work together to encourage growth not only in knowledge and skills but in integrity, determination, confidence, independence and consideration for others. School uniform is obligatory.
Max-Rill-Gymnaisum Schloss Reichersbeuern
The Max-Rill-Gymnasium was founded in 1938 as a private boarding school. It is situated in a historic castle located south of Munich and—with around 140 pupils— it is one of the smallest state-approved grammar schools and boarding schools in Bavaria that can point to a long tradition. Given the manageable size of our school, our teachers know their students very well and can take care of them and accompany them on an individual basis during the learning process. Our college has got a special profile in social sciences, theatre, and digitally-based learning. We admit a limited number of international students and successfully integrate them into our classes. Important for an open-minded and intercultural learning is our partnership with a college in Moscow/Russia.
Landheim Schondorf
In a quiet location on Lake Ammersee leading students on an individual path to the Bavarian Abitur. Small classes and motivating learning concepts are the basis of an excellent school education. The orientation towards linguistics and economics is a daily practice due to its internationality. Numerous workshops promote personal talents. The school imparts a responsible attitude: that of the “Landheim-Entrepreneur”. What is the most important a boarding school can give its students for their way through life? Landheim Ammersee believes: An attitude. Inner peace. And optimism. Children become young personalities with a strong sense of community, empathy and resource-mindedness. They will experience inner peace and assume responsibility and learn to make decisions: For themselves and their environment, for organizing and planning, for the environment and economic efficiency, for companies and enterprises. A model of tomorrow.
Institut Schloss Brannenburg
The relatively small size of the boarding school allows each student to be supported individually and to achieve good performance. Thanks to the two separate schools (Realschule und Fachoberschule) on one campus our students have the chance to stay in their familiar surroundings until they complete University of Applied Sciences entrance qualification.
Gymnasium Lindenberg
The Gymnasium Lindenberg combines a social integrative basis with a blend of direct instruction and group work approaches. The school program aims at tolerance, responsibitity, a realistic self-assessment and mutual respect. Senior students regularly support younger students in academic and social activities. The family environment and international atmosphere of the Humboldt boarding home supports and encourages students to integrate quickly into German everyday life. Social contacts inside and outside the boarding home are established and students are supported academically and socially throughout their school career.
Estimated Cost

Thoss Education Service administration fee: €175


Humboldt Institut language course: (for complete beginner) approx. €34,000*. The fee includes 35 weeks* of language courses, 10 weeks transitional course to secondary school, 37 weeks accommodation, full board, 24/7 supervision and guardianship, study materials,, extra-curricular activities, weekly excursions, Humboldt Institut certificate. There are no other fees except for application for the national certificate, pocket money, transportation to and from the language school.


Boarding school fees: public school annual fees from €10,000 to €24,000; private school annual fees from €30,000 to €48,000.

* For students who completed A1 – C1 German level, the duration needed is shorter, hence lower course fee. The above price is based on 2021 quotation.

Application Procedure
Make a consultation appointment with Thoss Education Service.
Sign a contract and pay administration fee.
Decide on 3-5 preferred schools from the network.
Thoss Education Service processes with application.
Apply for Health Insurance.
Collect official admission documents from language school and highschool.
Pay tuition and boarding fee of both language school and highschool.
Receive conditional offer from highschool and language school.
Thoss Education Service assists with visa application.
Prepare for travel.
About Humboldt Institute

Humboldt-Institut is a non-profit organization that teaches German language. Started 40 years ago at its first education center in Ratzenried Castle and has now grown to 18 centres in Germany and Austria, with over 70,000 students.


2 of the study centers – Bad Schussenried and Lindenberg are dedicated to young learners year round with only learners below 18 years old.

Humboldt-Institut´s strengths lie in their organization and the support they give each student.

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