Landheim Schondorf

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In a quiet location on Lake Ammersee leading students on an individual path to the Bavarian Abitur. Small classes and motivating learning concepts are the basis of an excellent school education. The orientation towards linguistics and economics is a daily practice due to its internationality. Numerous workshops promote personal talents. The school imparts a responsible attitude: that of the “Landheim-Entrepreneur”. What is the most important a boarding school can give its students for their way through life? Landheim Ammersee believes: An attitude. Inner peace. And optimism. Children become young personalities with a strong sense of community, empathy and resource-mindedness. They will experience inner peace and assume responsibility and learn to make decisions: For themselves and their environment, for organizing and planning, for the environment and economic efficiency, for companies and enterprises. A model of tomorrow.
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School Type: Private
Uniform: No
Boarding Arrangement: Twin rooms; a few single rooms
Boarding Close:Christmas, New Year, SummerChristmas and New Year, Summer
Annual Tuition: ≈ € 44,052

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