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Alternatively, you can use this link to go to google maps directly: Mönchweilerstraße 5, 78126 Königsfeld im Schwarzwald, Germany

At Zinzendorfschulen you live and learn in a unique ambience of historic surroundings and the unspoilt countryside of teh Black Forest. The Zinzendorfschulen are characterized by a variety of educational paths. This variety offers optimal choices according to student's own inerests and abilities. With over 200 years of experience in education, Zinzendorfschulen supports common sense, takes care of each indivdidual in a very personal and trustful manner. The school's lively extra-curricular program makes everyone feel immediately at ease.

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School Type: Private
Uniform: No
Boarding Arrangement: Twin rooms, single rooms (depending on age)
Boarding Close:All Holidays
Annual Tuition: ≈ € 41,000

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