Speaking German to study in Germany?

Is it necessary to know German if interested in studying abroad in Germany? Although there are increasing number of international highschools as well as University programs, Germany is still a traditional German dominant country where the top companies such as, Daimler, Bosch, BMW, BASF and ThyssenKrupp, use mainly German as a communication language. German is not only useful in daily life, but also in building a career in Germany. Even though you may choose an English highschool or University program, we strongly advise you to take German in parallel to your study. Many German international schools and Universities offer free or relatively cheap German courses that you should not miss!


If you are determined to study in Germany, make a clear goal including the type of school, a certain German level, certifications needed and a study budget. If you need any assistant, we can offer you a free consult at thoss.studyingermany@online.de

Now is the time to plan your future!

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Alby W. S. Wong

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